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What's a spa party?!

We've gotten tons of inquiries on how spa parties are done, what it's like and how it goes. To ease you all on these questions we've prepared a rundown of everything spa party!

What are spa parties?
Spa parties are just like the usual parties that you throw on certain occasions, the only difference is that there are spa activities / treatments that are available to guests. Guests are indulged with massages, facials and nail treatments. The camaraderie, fun and excitement is still alive for you and you're guests are pampered altogether, side by side. Imagine chatting, having manicures and sipping your fave drink all at the same time!

For what occasions are spa parties recommended?
The possibilities are endless! In fact who needs an occasion to gather friends and loved ones? Most often, spa parties are done for bridal showers, birthdays (kiddie and adult) and corporate team building events. Spa parties always give that added ooomph to make any gathering special and memorable.

What happens during spa parties?
Most of the time the spa session itself is the highlight of the party, guests are treated to their preferred services (or some hosts prefer to make their own "spa menu"). Most clients serve meals to compliment the free add-on snacks (chocolate fondue, chips & dips, red wine & cheese, popcorn) that we throw in depending on the package that you choose. Games & other programs (musicians, demos, etc.) are all complimentary to any spa party.

Do I need to prepare meals for my guests Do I feed the spa specialists?
The matter of meals is entirely up to you as the host but we highly suggest that if your budget permits, it is best to prepare light meals that compliment the spa theme. Sandwhiches, cold cuts, simple pastas are refreshments very apt for this type of event. As for our spa specialists, regular spa party clients are not obliged to provide food for our spa specialists however a little extra for them will be highly appreciated. On the other hand corporate events that have time or venue constraints are requested to provide food for the specialists assigned.

How many guests can you accommodate in one spa party?
No matter how big or intimate you plan your party to be, Celebrity Nails will be happy to suit your requirements. From a spa party date for 2 to a whole day spa event for a company with hundreds of employees Celebrity Nails can be of service. To date the biggest spa party we've done was comprised of 300 guests all done within a day.

Do you have a spa party set-up? What do you bring during the party?
Celebrity Nails prides itself as the company that brings the nail spa to your doorstep, we are the very first home spa (and being badly imitated!) to bring everything we need for the service that our clients have chosen. Same goes true for our spa parties. We bring everything we need from chairs, tubs, water heaters and even extension cords! We even go out of our way to make your party special by adding other zen elements like aromatherapy, music, decor & fresh petals. For spa party bookings Php 25,000 and up, Celebrity Nails Makati will bring in upgraded fresh floral arrangements.

Can you suggest the best venue for a party?
Since we are a mobile nail & body spa, we don't have a brick and mortar facility where you can do your event, but luckily due to our mobile nature we can go anywhere from hotels, serviced apartments, function rooms and even your homes! Wide open indoor spaces are best bets for spa parties, for these areas are easy to set up and your guests can freely socialize without space constraints hassle.

How much should my budget be for a spa party?
Celebrity Nails Spa Party Packages range from Php 4,000.00 (for kids) and Php 6,000.00 to Php 10,000.00 (for adults). A conservative budget would be Php 300.00/guest (for kids) and Php 600.00/guest (for adults) while generous hosts would spend Php 500.00/guest (for kids) and Php 1,000.00/guest (for adults).

How do the packages work? Are there services under each package?
Unlike other spas who dictate what services they offer for certain packages, ours are highly customizable for they are fully consumable. For example, I booked for a Php 10,000.00 package, I can freely choose how I wish to spend the 10,000.00 by selecting services from our spa menu. If you don't fully consume your package, the total package cost is still the amount payable due to us. Subsequently, you can go over the Php 10,000.00 limit and pay for the extra. To add value to the packages we've thrown in add-ons like giveaways, chocolate fondue, chips, wine the choice of which depends on the package chosen and ofcourse on your personal preference.

How many personnel will attend to my spa party?
The number of personnel depends on the spa package you choose.
Disney Package (Php 4,000.00): 2 to 3 personnel
Beverly Hills Package (Php 6,000.00): 3 to 4 personnel
Broadway Package (Php 8,000.00): 4 to 5 personnel
Hollywood Package (Php 10,000.00): 5 to 6 personnel

Is the Hollywood Package your biggest package? What if I feel like my guests will go over the Php 10,000.00 limit?
Our spa specialist will continue on performing services even if you've reached your chosen package limit (unless ofcourse you give prior instructions to stop at a given budget). However if you feel like our consumable amounts are too little, please feel free to choose 2 or more packages or please get in touch with us so we can give you a proper quotation.

Do you offer discounts on spa party bookings?
The packages in themselves have added value in form of the add-ons, however special considerations are given especially for bulk bookings (30 guests and up) and corporate accounts.

Can I add more personnel?
Yes, you can add spa specialists at Php 1,500.00/specialist. The Php 1,500.00 fee is likewise consumable in spa services.

How long are spa parties?
Like other parties, a 4 to 5 hour timeline is suggested. We however adjust to our client's preference provided that there is no booking after your event.

Do you have lead times?
For spa parties that fall under our regular packages a lead time of at least 24 hours is advised. For bookings 30 guests and above we advise that you book at least 3 days in advance. For corporate events 2 weeks is a good lead time this will allow us to secure appropriate permits and accreditations from your company.

What's your portfolio like? Have you done spa parties for celebrities? big companies?
We hate commending ourselves, please let the pictures and videos speak for themselves :)

Kiddie Spa Party for Lea Salonga's daughter

Bridal Spa Party for Vanessa Matsunaga

Corporate Accounts include:
Ascott Serviced Residences
SAP Philippines
Procter & Gamble
Glaxo Smithkline

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